NASAM Activities​

Rehab activities

To help stroke survivors with their recovery process, NASAM conducts rehab sessions which include physiotherapy, occupational and speech therapy. These sessions are conducted by therapists assisted by trained volunteers. 

Their aim is to help stroke survivors regain their confidence and independence by motivating and helping them to help themselves.

Extra-curricular activities

A variety of activities ranging from cooking, art and craft, singing, music and movement and games are also included in the daily activities to optimize stroke survivors’ abilities and to encourage them to enjoy life in spite of having to live with the effects of stroke.


Apart from the more noticeable physical impairment, the effect of stroke is also emotionally debilitating. Depression, anxiety, anger, denial and “Why me?” are some symptoms that will delay the recovery process. Counselling means listening to stroke survivors in a calm, non-judgmental manner. Allowing them to find relief and to reinforce the importance of their view and significance of their person.

Under NASAM’s training programme, volunteers are taught basic counselling skills so that stroke survivors may gradually overcome psychological barriers to their overall rehabilitation. At times, counselling is also provided to family members who have trouble coping or adapting to the responsibilities that have changed their lifestyles in caring for a stroke survivor.

In short, NASAM centres function as places for stroke survivors to help themselves in their rehabilitation process, to interact with fellow survivors, to get information and group support for themselves as well as for their carers.

Other Activities

Talks and forums

NASAM’s objective to increase general awareness about stroke is the impetus behind our talks and forums. Open to the public, NASAM invites medical doctors, and other stroke-related specialists to talk about stroke prevention and stroke rehabilitation.

Stroke Awareness Week

This is an annual event when we organized a nation-wide week-long campaign, to raise public awareness on the risk of stroke and to encourage the public to take positive steps to adopt a healthier lifestyle to reduce the risk of stroke. The programme includes a public launch event to encourage the public to be more physically active, forums held in various town centres, chat shows on TV and radio, and open day at our centres.


NASAM depends largely on the generosity of the public to help fund its activities. The nominal fee we charge members is insufficient to cover the running cost of all our centres. To help ourselves we also actively organize events such as our annual Food and Fun Fair to raise funds.

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