NASAM Membership

There are three types of membership:

  • Stroke survivor membership
    Stroke survivors can join NASAM by paying a one-time membership subscription of RM50.00.Upon joining NASAM, the member can avail himself/herself to the rehab services at our centres. For a nominal monthly therapy fees the stroke survivor can participate in rehab sessions for a maximum of five days a week.
    He/she will also receive a copy of our quarterly magazine Stroke News.
    • Public membership
      An individual obtains a life-time membership with a one-time payment of RM50 only. NASAM’s quarterly magazine Stroke News is sent to all members at no extra cost.
  • Corporate membership
    Companies which would like to support NASAM may join for an annual fee of RM300. Corporate members are sent a copy of quarterly magazine Stroke News at no extra costs.

Membership application forms are available at all our NASAM centres. In addition you may download and print out the Membership Form (Word or PDF format). 

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Address of NASAM Head Office:
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