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When a loved one has a stroke it can be extremely nerve wrecking for family members. More so during a pandemic such as Covid-19 and the MCO. Do you rush your loved one to the nearest hospital? Do you allow FEAR to get the better of you and stay home? He shares how he and his family managed during this tough ride. Click on the picture to view the video
Lee Kin Shong At age 30, and enjoying the fruits of his labor, Lee faced a double tragedy. Soon after his stroke, his wife walked out on him and their three young daughters. A full family tragedy was averted because a caring sister came to help look after Lee's daughters. But what of Lee, the fruit seller? (Click on the picture to view the video)
Stroke robbed Farahneza, a corporate lawyer of her career, husband and children when she was only 32 years old. Today, with her ageing mother no longer able to look after her, Farahneza is left languishing in a home for the elderly. (Click on the picture to view the video)
Catherine Sow was sitting for an exam when she suffered a debilitating stroke. She was 19. When she realised she was paralysed and unable to do simple daily living tasks, she went into depression. With immense love from her family and dedicated rehab she overcame her challenges and is today happily married and a doting mother of two young children. (Click on the picture to view the video)

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