NASAM's stroke specific therapy and holistic programmes empower stroke survivors to lead meaningful lives.

Importance of Rehabilitation

A stroke can have a drastic impact on you and your family, but at NASAM we believe that with dedicated rehabilitation you can Celebrate LIFE After Stroke.

Our team of  professional therapists  make  it a priority  to ensure that the recovery journey of a stroke survivor, whom we refer to as a strokee or a Stroke Champion, restore self-esteem and dignity. We look into the physical, emotional and social needs of strokees and our integrated approach includes physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, emotional therapy, recreational and social activities as well as varies complementary therapies.

At NASAM stroke survivor have a choice of group therapy, customised one-on-one therapy  or both. For those not able to present physically at the center there  is Telerehab. Family members are also guided on helping with recovery


• Relearning correct movements and balance.

• Ensures muscles and joints remain flexible and pain-free.

• Improves strength, flexibility and coordination.

Occupational Therapy

•Improves ability to perform daily tasks such as eating, bathing, dressing more effectively.

• Encourage independence and safety awareness.

Emotional Therapy

• Counselling by volunteer counsellors or peer support groups (strokees who have recovered from a stroke).


Speech Therapy

• Improves communication skills through comprehension, speech, reading or writing. 

• Different techniques such as auditory and visual feedback, picture material, speech drills are used. Family members are also guided on helping with recovery.

•Also helps strokees having difficulty eating and drinking due to swallowing issue as a result of the stroke.


Complements face-to-face therapies for those not near a NASAM center.

Zoom — group sessions with a mix of upbeat aerobics, exercises to improve strength, balance and endurance, OT and mind and body relaxation  via Qi Gong.

 • WhatsApp video — essential exercises for those who cannot join the fixed timings of the Zoom sessions.

 • One-on-One — with a therapist. By appointment. 

Complementary Therapy

• Group therapies conducted by NASAM rehab team or volunteers.

• Alternative forms of wellness such as Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga and Music and Sound therapies.

Recreational Activities

•  To improve quality of life, increase self-esteem, reduce stress and deter feelings of depression.

• Programmes include art and crafts, cooking, gardening and games.

• Regular outings to enhance confidence of strokees to venture into public places. Also promotes  fellowship among strokees. 

• Social events —  parties to celebrate  various festivals and birthdays .

Caregivers Support Group

Stroke affects not only the strokee but also the family whose loved one need care and unconditional love. 

Volunteer counsellors who have cared for a stroke survivor provide support to families who have trouble coping or adapting with the increased responsibilities and changed lifestyles when caring for a strokee.

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